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The Holy Mountain

This movie disturbed me. It made me aware once again of my worldly, ugly side. An attempt to escape is doomed? We throw our past into the ocean. We throw our ego into the fire. We burn our material existence. And then what do we attain by that? Only to return to where we come from? A thief like Jesus Christ. An ugly world driven by self interests. What a small world I am in at the moment. We experience nature, self, death, enlightenment, liberation and.. immortality is an illusion. Mortals go back to the reality.

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Movement, Commitment, Alternative

You see the same scene. You see the same people. You see the same life. You haven’t moved in your life a bit since a long time ago. You’ve been avoiding to face it until now. You have come up with many reasons not to. This project or that project. Your parter and what not. It’s been a long time. Good job. But you must have exhausted a list of all the possible excuses by now. Then, it’s a good time to face it.

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